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Since 1958, Villa Sistemi Medicali designs, manufactures and markets radiological systems for medical applications. With more than 60 years of experience, the company’s know-how embraces all the enabling technologies to meet the needs of the medical radiology market. Our wide range of products allows us to deliver integrated and flexible solutions, according to customer’s needs, while our specialist consulting and technical service programs ensure reliable and expert support to our partners worldwide.

General Radiography:

Moviplan iC is the latest-generation X-ray system, combining all of the features of modularity, ease of use and functionality needed for a radiology centre that wants to increase productivity and efficiency, in any working situation. Complete modularity means a system that can be tailored to meet any logistical and operational requirement, while its extreme ease of use means a system that offers rapid and intuitive controls, thus greatly improving workflows.

  • Ceiling Suspension Tube
  • Floor Type Tube Stand

Portable Digital Radiography:

The digital Visitor versions, which have an integrated image acquisition system based on a portable detector, allow a faster workflow than an analogue mobile radiological system, consequently increasing productivity. The large touchscreen of the panel PC allows intuitively choosing the exposure parameters by selecting preset anatomical programs.

  • Visitor T40M | Visitor T40M-DR
  • Visitor T30M | Visitor T30M-DR
  • Visitor T30R | Visitor T30R-DR
  • Visitor T30C | Visitor T30C-DR


The features of the updated versions of the Apollo and Apollo EZ remote controlled tables allow additional and decisive improvement of the performances, obtained by introducing important technical innovations and streamlining the methods of use by the operator. This results in greater operating flexibility, an optimal workflow, and therefore a further increase in productivity. The aim of increasing these system features of versatility and operational efficiency to a higher level, along with the 18 years of experience with digital R/F systems, led the Villa R&D team in the design of the innovative DR-Wi version of Apollo and Apollo EZ.

  • Apollo DRF
  • Apollo EZ DRF
  • Apollo EZ DR-Wi
  • Apollo EZ


The completely redesigned Melody III mammography line is the best the new technologies and Villa’s experience in mammography can offer. Every aspect of the X-ray examination and every characteristic of the mammography unit have been reviewed in depth, making improvements to increase patient comfort and the examination speed and achieving even greater diagnostic accuracy and operational efficiency standards than in the past

  • melody IIID/TS
  • melody IIID
  • Apollo IIID/C
  • Apollo III